Interior Protection

For years, when meeting with people and discussing security systems, even when the entire perimeter of the home is protected, I have always recommended interior protection, most commonly motion detectors. When asked why, since the perimeter is already protected, I would say “in the unlikely event that someone breaks in through the wall” the alarm system would still be activated.

Well, this week it happened. A burglar gained access to a home through a first floor exterior wall. Fortunately, this customer had motion detectors and the alarm was activated and the police notified.

Perhaps you don’t have motion detectors included with your security system. Maybe you had a large dog at the time of installation or just were scared of false alarms. Now is the time to add them. Technology has improved dramatically and the instances of false alarms from properly installed motion detectors are rare. Motion detectors can be added to virtually every alarm system being used today and will make your alarm system more effective.

Motion detectors should not be used instead of perimeter protection, but should be a part of virtually every properly designed burglar alarm system. For more information, please contact us.